Someday Merry - Music makes a comeback!
A girl, two guys, and a desire not to have day jobs ever again!

The Indie/Rock/Alternative trio Someday Merry brings back real music. With their driving bass riffs courtesy of Rick Kurhajian, raucous drum stylings by the redoubtable Charles Arnold, and trendsetting guitar lines and captivating vocals and lyrics provided by Eline Chavez, the band redefines power trio!

With a warmth and depth unusual in todayís music, the band still rocks while at the same time bringing new musical ideas and flavor to their collective musical magic.

Hailing from Warner Robins, Georgia, the band says "If REM, Ani Difranco, Patty Griffin and Radiohead got together and had an accidental baby... It'd be us."

Their debut release Rescue Me on Senate Records has already garnered much attention from music enthusiasts and the industry alike. Says Peggy Murphy from The Tub Magazine, "They have managed to create a very unique and alluring style of their own."

"It is the poignant lyrics of "With You", a song about the pain of a loved one being away from home while serving in the military, in this case Iraq, and the sassiness of the f*%!-you-I-donít-need-you-anyway anthem in the bandís single "I Would Have Rather" that made me want to sign these guys!" says Senate Recordsí CEO and veteran recording engineer/ producer Joey Stuckey.

From aggressive rock to haunting melodic mood pieces, Someday Merryís style captures the essence of true music expression.

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